Deerfield Beach, FL January 14, 2020 – It was announced today that Cougar Complex ® has been awarded a registered trademark – Serial No. 87838494 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This trademark was registered to protect unapproved usage of the term, “Cougar Complex” which is derived from the upcoming pop culture non-fiction book of the same title, “The Cougar Complex”.

Per the author, Michael Marine, “The Cougar Complex ®, really isn’t very complex at all. It is a page- turner with 45 true-life short stories from men who dated older women. The book is copyrighted and currently being solicited to literary agencies for publication.

The 55,064-word book is comprised of two parts. Part One is a survey of the men who had cougar experiences. Why are so many young men interested in older women? Are there any commonalities of men that prefer older women? What does this portend for our society?

The Cougar Complex ® is derived from two words that have varying meanings. We know that a cougar is an animal, but the definition used in the book is a woman ten or more years older that her male partner. The definition of complex used in the title i s a related group of emotionally significant ideas that are completely or partly repressed and that cause psychic conflict leading to abnormal mental states or behavior.

A man with a Cougar Complex ® is defined as a man that desires only female partners ten or more years older to the exclusion of women his own age or younger.

The study of this recent phenomenon resulted from Mr. Marine’s Internet dating experiences. Every woman he contacted in her fifties had a similar complaint – young men were hitting on them. Most women said that the men were probably looking for sugar mommas. However, no one had actually studied this.

The results of the survey were surprising. The real reasons men preferred older women was not for the money. In The Cougar Complex ®, you will not only find out why some men prefer older women, you will read salacious stories from their encounters. Mark Twain said, “truth is stranger than fiction”. The stories in The Cougar Complex ® are exciting and will keep you smiling. They might even help make your love life as steamy as the true stories in the book.

Initial Impressions

Here are my initial impressions from interviews with men that have participated in the survey:

Most men I interviewed felt that the term Cougar does not necessarily have a negative connotation, although society often one. Men that have had experiences with women 10 or more years older than they are (or were) say that older women are empowered, confident, assertive, powerful, and sexy.  Typically they say that these women have had a positive impact in their lives. Of course there are exceptions, but the majority said that older women made them feel more like a man, had less drama and more substance in their relationships. Some men were driven solely by their libido and they found older women were less inhibited and more open sexually. This was both a turn on and, for some, educational in the bedroom. They loved how older women took control and guided their younger lovers to great pleasure through gentle instructions that enhanced how these men felt about their performance in the bedroom. Their ability to satisfy an older woman was confidence building.

Many men in the study had very early experiences that shaped their young minds.  They were drawn to older women knowing all the ‘goodies’ in store for them – especially in the bedroom.  In relationships, they felt older women were a contributing partner which was a big plus in the men’s eyes.  They felt that the term Cougar had a positive, not negative connotation. A recurring theme was that older women are sexy, strong, assured, empowered, mature, and with less drama. No matter how their relationships with older women ended, the men continued to look for older women in search of another enticing Cougar.

-Maureen Joy